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Martini’s Auction House guarantees a simple buying process suitable for the demands of every client. Our qualified staff will be on hand to accompany the buyer throughout the whole process: from the choice of a work, to the drawing up of an offer, to the delivery of the work of art in the case of a successful bid.

How will I know when the auctions take place?

1 - You can subscribe to the NEWSLETTER in order to receive all the information about future auctions.

2 - Follow us on Facebook, in order to keep up-to-date with us.

How can I see the works that are on sale?

1. Browse through our on-line catalogue using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

2. Request a paper catalogue.

3. Visit our gallery, where you can see our works in person.

How can I participate in the auction?

In order to participate in the auction it’s necessary first of all to be registered at our auction house.
The registration is free and does not entail any obligation to purchase.
Once registered you can participate in all future auctions.

You can register by:

1 - Completing the participation document, and attaching a copy of a valid identification document. Send these to us by e-mail, by fax or bring them to us in person.

2 - On-Line

Once registered you can place bids in the following ways:

In person
It is possible to participate in person on the day of the auction, by being present in the hall and bidding by raising a hand.

By telephone
Participating by telephone is a way in which you can bid on the telephone on the day of the auction.
In this case, you need to have already registered with us, and also let us know which works you want to be contacted about on the day of the auction. One of our operators will telephone you and will follow your instructions, bidding for you.

On Line
You can make offers in real time on our auction platform on-line with a simple click.

Is it possible to make an offer before the day of the auction?

In the on-line catalogue, next to STARTING PRICE, you will see CURRENT BID.
This indicates the highest offer received for this work.
In order to make an offer in the pre-auction it is necessary to register on-line, access the site using your e-mail and password and make an offer.
On the day of the auction the bidding will start from the last offer received for every item.

How can I pay?

It is necessary to add an auction premium of 25% to the amount of the successful bid.
For adjudications made through the Artsy platform, the buyer's premium is 33%.
It is possible to pay by cheque or credit transfer.